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Friday, June 8, 2012

To-Be-Read Pile

Hello, lovelies! As you may hvae guessed already I love to read. Although I can't read for e very long period of time, because I get headache, I do read for about and 1 or 2 a day. It's not much, but it's OK for me. I've always love to read, but before I discover the Book Community on Youtube and before I start to read in English, I used to read mainly Spiritually and Self-Help Books. My all-time favourite one are the Chicken Soup for The Soul books, which consist of small and very cute stories. They help you to understand yourself and the people around you much better. Help you to appreciate what you helf and it teaches you to believe in your self and in your dreams. If you like this kind of books, Amazon has a ton of them and they are really cheap. I am still reading this kind of books and still really enjoy them, but now I also like the kind of books, where the story leads you to a whole new world or society. These books are called distopian book. There are a bunch of the on the market right now and they are a really interesting and fun read, most of them full of action and suspense. I also enjoy reading cute and light contemporary novels. They are perfect for the summer and on the beach. Enough with the talking, here I have some of the book I want to read this year and hope it'll give you some ideas about what to read this year and this summer.

These are two books by an italian author whose name is Federico Moccia. Now as far as I know his books are not translated into english, but they are in spanish. So to my spanish readers, the author is really good and these two books by him are amazing.

These next three books I bought, because they are little quick reads, perfect for when I'm traveling and to carry in my handbag. First one is by another italian author - Manuela Salvi. It's called '' It'll be beautiful to die together ''. It's about a girl who fells in love a guy from the mafia. I haven't read any of her books, but I hope this one will be interesting. Second one is ''  A burka for love '' . It's by a spanich author, called Reyes Monforte. It's about a woman trapped in Afghan. It sound really emotional and sad story and I though it will be good. The third one is '' The Lonely Hearts Club '' by the american author Elizabeth Eulberg. It's a fun and light read.

'' They Daugher of Smoke and Bone '' by Laini Taylor. It's a fantasy book and everyone is reading it right now! :)
'' Nefillim '' by Asa Schwarz. I don't know anything about this book, actually I bough it because it was only 5.95 euros. :)

This first one is '' Across the Universe '' by Beth Revis and it's another one everyone is reading right now.
Then I have '' The Book Thief '' by Markus Zusak.
And the third one is '' To Kill a Mockingbird '' by Harper Lee. A classic.

The last ones are my summer reads.
'' Ten Things We Did ( and probably shouldn't have) '' by Sarah Mlynowski. This one I am currently reading and it's really cute and fun.
'' The Summer I Turned Pretty '' by Jenny Han. This one is the first of a trilogy. I have read it already and really liked it.
'' Perfect Chemirstry '' by Simone Elkeles. This is my favourite so far. It's also the first one in a trilogy and I can't wait to get my hands on the last two books.

What you will be reding this summer?
What's you favourite summer book?

Bye,Bye girls and Happy reading!

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  1. Reading is one of the most amazing experiences. This looks like an amazing bunch of books you have to look forward to reading!


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