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Monday, October 31, 2011

My Haircare Routine

Today I decided to show you my everyday hair product. I dont use even the half of the procuts the other girls are using, but I think these ones work perfectly for my hair.
  1. Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Shampoo. I use it because my hair is really dry at the end and I wanted something to make my hair more alive. I love it. Actually I love Herbal Essences. They are the best brand I think. :)
  2. Herbal Essences None of your Frizzness Conditioner. Smells delicious.
  3. Avon Advance Techniques Revitalising Treatment. I use this after I shower applying a little bit on to my roots. I still have not noticed something different with my hair, but I like the smell.
  4. Avon Advance Techniques Ultra Thick Volumiser. I apply it the same way as the other one. I have notice my hair is thicker and I like it so far.
  5. Dove Therapy Heat Protector. I used to use the Tresemme one,but I decided to try that. I am not sure what I think about it yet, aldo I do use it only if I am going to streaght or curl my hair.
  6. Cristally Liquidi. This thing my hairdresser recommended to me and I fell in love with it. I apply it only at the ends of my hair, after I streghtened it. It makes my ends shiny and also protect them.
These are the products I use. I hope you can get some ideas and I hope you liked it!

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