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Monday, July 25, 2011

Book Loot

Today I am doing the book loot I told you about in my latest post.These are the book I bought while I was in Bulgaria on a vacation. I am so excited to read them,in fact I already read 4 of them! :) But they are 18 in total and I paid almost 100 euro for them. Not bad, huh? :)

Hola,todos! Hoy os voy a enseñar los libros que me compé en Bulgaria. Ya he leído 4 de ellos, pero en total son 18. Me costaron casi 100 euros.

These three are the ``Hunger games`` Triology as you can tell by the covers. I heard so many good things about these book, so I decided to buy them. I hope they are very good! Oh and I love the covers. They are so simple, yet very unique. And the bird on the third book is so beautiful.

Los primeros tres son la trilogía ``Los Juegos de Hambre``, como podeis decir por la tapa. He oído muchas cosas buenas sobre estos libros y decidí comprarlos. Espero que sean muy buenos.

These are the first three in the ``Pretty Little Liars`` Series. I love the TV show, so I decided I should pick up the books. I dont like the covers...its not the colors that boders me...its just this girls...I think I would like it better if they put the ones from the TV show there.

Estos son los tres primeros libros en la serie ``Pequeñas Mentirosas``. Me encanta el TV show, por eso me compré los libros. No me gustan las tapas que llevan...pero bueno.

From Left to Right:
*The first one is called ``Before I fall`` by Lauren Oliver, but in Bulgaria its ``My Valentines Day`` and I love this title and the cover also. I cant wait to read this want.There is so many good reviews about it.
*The second one is ``13 Reasons Why`` by Jay Asher, which is supposed to be also a very good book. And I have heard they are making a movie about it and I got really excited. :)
*And the third one is ``Before I die`` by Jenny Downham. I know...the title is a little bit scary,but its a book where you will learn to appreciate the little and valuable things in life. I hope they will make a movie about this one too.

De izquierda a derecha:
*La primera se llama `` Si no despierto`` de Lauren Oliver. Tengo muchísimas ganas de leerlo. He oído solo cosas buenas sobre este libro. Me encanta la tapa.
*La segunda es ``13 Reasons Why`` de Jay Asher, lo cual tiene que ser un libro muy bueno. Además ya estan haciendo la pelicula sobre este libro.
*La tercera es ´´Antes de Morirme`` de Jenny Downham. Ya sé que el titulo os parece un poco de miedo,pero se supone que es un libro en que vamos a aprender a apreciar las cosas pequeñas y valuables en la vida. Estoy deseando que hagan la peli sobre este libro tambien.

From Left to Right:
*``Memoirs of a Geisha`` by Arthur Golden is the next book. I have seen the movie and I loved it, that is why I bought the book. I hope its even better than the movie, because its a really beautiful story. And I LOVE the cover of it. :)
*The secon one - ``Sarah`s key`` by Tatiana de Rosnay. A novel about the WWII and the holocaust. I really wanted to read something about this subject and I found this would very interesting.
*``Water for Elephants`` by Sara Gruen. I have watched the movie and decided to buy the book. This is the one I am currently reading, but I still dont know what I thing about it. Aldo I do loved the movie.
*The next one - ``Night at the Museum`` by Leslie Goldman. I love the movie and i bought the book. I read it, but I like the movie better.
*The last one its ``The Cronicles of Narnia: The Magician`s Nephew``. This is the first book of the series. I loved it. I cant wait to get my hands on the other ones.

De izquierda a derecha:
*``Memorias de una Geisha`` de Arthur Golden. He visto la pelicula y me encantó,por eso me compré el libro. Espero que sea mejor.
*La segunda - ``La Llave de Sarah`` de Tatiana de Rosnay. Una novela sobre la Segunda Guerra Mundial y el holocausto. Tenía muchas ganas de leer algo sobre este tema, y este libro me parecía bueno.
*``Agua para Elefantes`` de Sara Gruen. Es el libro que estoy leyendo ahora. Todavía no puedo decir nada sobre él, pero he visto la peli y me ha gustado mucho.
*El siguente es ``Noche en el Museo`` de Leslie Goldman. Me encanta la peli y por eso me compré el libro. La peli me gusta más.
*El último es ``Las Crónicas de Narnia: El Sobrino del Mago``. Es el primer libro y me ha gustado muchísimo.

The last ones are all by the same author - Nicolas Sparks. I love him. have seen all of the movies made upon his books and I love them. Thats why I bought some of his books. I have already read two of them and I must say they are the best books ever!

From Left to Right:
*``The Notebook`` - a classic romance novel which I loved.
*``A walk to remember`` - I have not read yet,but I love the movie.
*``A bend in the road`` - a crime/suspect romantic novel. I love it!
*``The Last Song`` - I have not read yet, but I have seen the movie. And aldo I dont like Miley Cyrus I thing she did a great job in this movie. I Love it so much.

I hope you liked my book haul,and I will see you guys soon! Bye!

Los últimos libro son del mismo autor - Nicolas Sparks.Le adoro.He visto todas las peliculas basadas en sus libros y me encantan.Por eso decidí comprar sus libros. Tengo 4 de ellos y ya he leído 2.

De izquierda a derecha:
*``El Diario de Noah`` - una novela clásica y romantica que me encanta.
*``Un Paseo para Recordar`` - No la he leído todavía,pero me encanta la peli.
*``Una Curva en el Camino`` - una novela romantica que tiene un poco de crimen/sospecho. Muy buena!
*``La Última Canción`` - No la he leído,pero me encanta la peli.

Espero que os haya gustado mi publicación. Adiós!


  1. Уоу купила си доста книги!
    Игрите на глада е страхотна поредица. Ако не си ги почнала, ти препоръчвам да почнеш от тях. Сега като видях книжките на Никълъс Спаркс ми се дочетоха пак.

  2. Ами в момента чета Вода за слонове, и някак ми се иска да си запазя Игрите на глада за последно, защото съм сигурна, че е много хубава, но май няма да издържа и тя ще е следващата която ще чета :) А Никълъс Спаркс е страхотен! :)


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