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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Got my new palette :)

So finally I purchase the 88 warm palette from ebay. Arrived yesterday and I am soo happy. The shipping was awesome and the price too. It cost me 13 euros with the shipping. It came with one broke eyeshadow (the black one) but everything its ok, I fixed it. :) The colors are so pretty and the pigmentation is craazy! I love them. I am gonna be doing a bunch of diffrent looks with it, and if some of you want something in particular leave a comment below! :)

Hola a todos!
Por fin me compré la paleta de 88 colores neutrales de ebay. Llegó ayer y estoy muy contenta. El envío fue muy rápido y el precio muy barato. Me costó 13 euros con el envío incluido. Uno de los colores estaba roto un poco (el negro mate) pero yo lo arreglé. Todos los colores son muy bonitos y la pigmentación es impresionante. Voy a hacer un monton de diferentes look con la paleta, pero si alguna de vosotra quiere ver algo en particular puede dejar su comentario abajo. :)


  1. Congrats, looks really nice :) И аз винаги съм искала нещо такова, но опасенията ми са, че нямам възможностите да го използвам правилно :D

  2. благодаря :)
    ами никой не се е родил научен, нали?
    просто трябва да опиташ :)

  3. Wow this looks like a fantastic palette!! You'll have so much to work with. :D

  4. Hi, I love your blog, very good!
    Give one last on my blog.
    What do you think of following each other? kisses

  5. Thanks for visiting!
    I'm following you, kisses Van.

  6. Thanks for your comment on! I am now following your blog! Follow back if you like ;-)


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